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In spring when, it is the flush season of bacterium and fungus, this moment must do good safeguard, if suffer from lumbar disease to produce infection, must go to a hospital in time treating. This kind of disease happens on adult body more1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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, lumbar place appears the circumstance with red urticant Sao, besmearing affected part must be cleaned with physiological saline before medicine every time, avoid eats the food of acrimony stimulation. Be not caught with the hand flinch lumbar place.

 How is lumbar infection treated

Common of lumbar n/med tuberculosis says ” curvature of the spinal column is phlogistic ” , incidence of a disease is higher, for tubercular of systemic bone joint the first, arrange the in part of gross of incus joint n/med tuberculosis, happen with children and adolescent among them most. All rachis all but be put into trouble, before with lumbar n/med tuberculosis most, in recent years with thoracic vertebraLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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See more, lumbar take second place, it is Di vertebra and cervical vertebra next. Centrum n/med tuberculosis holds great majority, pure accessory n/med tuberculosis is scarceSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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. Abscess of lumbar n/med tuberculosis often comes pelvic cavity, form lumbar flesh abscess, flesh of edge Qia waist spreads to groin downward or inside, amount to big thick bulge from femur hind, tensor of film of edge rich veins that stand out and Qia leg bundle to outside side bottom, or spread to lumbar triangle area backward, form alleged cold sex abscess. Obstacle of annulus of follow of centrum pathological changes and n/med tuberculosis are affected, bone is destroyed reach necrotic, caseous model change and abscess are formed, centrum changes due to illness and bearing and produce cave in, make rachis curves the small of the back to be able to appear ” hump ” deformation. As a result of centrum cave in, organization of bud of dead flesh and blood and abscess are formed, can make spinal cord press press or blood produce paraplegia for be put into trouble.

 How is lumbar infection treated

1.X line

X line piece on expression is destroyed with bone and vertebra clearance stricture is given priority to. Bone destroys the upper edge that is centered in centrum or lower edge, encroach very quickly to interverbebral disc, expression is centrum eventually board destroy and undertake stricture of sexual vertebra clearance, and drag in is adjacent two centrum. Cold sex abscess behaves: In lumbar piece go up, expression of abscess of lumbar big muscle is faintness of shadow of big muscle of a side waist, or shadow of lumbar big muscle is added wide, full or limitation apophysis. Chronic exemple sees larger calcify shade.

 How is lumbar infection treated


CT examination can indicate position of focus of a disease clearly, have without empty form with dead bone. Even if the abscess other small vertebra, also can discover when be checked on CT. CT checks abscess of big to the waist muscle to haveShanghai Long Feng forum

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MRI is had inchoate diagnostic value, inForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Phase of phlogistic sex soak can show unusual signal, but basically use at observing spinal cord has not to have press press and denaturation.

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