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Disease of a kind of communicable, because infect other perhaps reason,bring about n/med beriberi because of this not little person. E.g. to a few children character, existing n/med beriberi this kind of problem. And the symptom of n/med beriberi is more also, among them most excruciating nothing is more… than can bring about a foot to itch. So, does the child have athlete’s foot and scratchy how should do? The remedial folk prescription of a few kinds of n/med beriberi introduces for everybody below!

The child has n/med beriberi to itch how to do

1, brine of Chinese prickly ash controls athlete’s foot

Specific means: Can put Chinese prickly ash 10 grams, salt 20 grams, in adding water, boil a bit, wait for temperature not to send very hot foot, can bubble is washed, every night bubble washs 20 minutes, successive bubble washs a week can heal. With the brine of Chinese prickly ash that pass, the following day via adding lukewarm, can use continuously. Already the person that ulcer is affected careful with.

2, n/med beriberi of tender willow Xie Zhi

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Gas has history of a few years, via medicationing effects is very small, hear with tender willow Xie Ke is treated. My try out a tender willowLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Xie Jiashui suffers, wash a foot after that, do not have the effect a few times very good, also controlled athlete’s foot now. This law is informedShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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A few have the friend of n/med beriberi, anguish also removed after they had been usedSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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. If be toe only,seam fester, can become rub of tender willow leaf small bolus state, clip is seamed in foot, in the evening sandwich (can put on a sock) , get effective namely the following day.

The child has n/med beriberi to itch how to do

3, alkaline face controls athlete’s foot

Summer the foot perspires much, have athlete’s foot easily. Face in the evening before sleeping, with alkaline face one spoon (namely the alkaline face that evaporate steamed bread uses) , after Wen Shuirong is changed, wash the bubble in crural immerge buck 0 minutes or so, light person 3 two, the person that weigh 45 namely good.

4, leek soup water treats tinea disease

Disease of my tinea manuum athlete’s foot has a few years of histories, experienced all sorts of tinea medicine almost, the result is no use. I got a folk prescription cured actually 1986, will 5 years do not have recrudesce again. Its square very simple:

Leek half jins, abluent dissect, the dolly in putting a basin is become mushy, develop bubble into boiled water next (the quantity immerses quite hands or feet can) , the Wen Jiang that need water comes tepid, put hand, foot immerse, rub washs affected part, about 30 minutes, without what painful. I a bubble two, affected part did not itch gradually, spent some of time, affected partA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Desquamate grew bright and clean skin.

The child has n/med beriberi to itch how to do

5, water of the soya bean that boil can control athlete’s foot

With 150 grams soya bean breaks the water that boil into pieces, boil 20 minutes about with small fire, water makes an appointment with 1 kilogram many, need water lukewarm bubble base is used when can washing a foot, but much bubble is met. Study beriberi effect admirable, foot not desquamate, and the skin is moist. I already use consecutively two summer, very get effective. Wash 34 days to be able to get effective repeatedly commonly.

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