The scientist discovers alcohol comet per sec. is ejective 20 tons of wine (graph)


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Every second eject the comet of Luo Fuqiao Yi of 20 tons of alcohol

Russian good wine publicity, a jest says the Russian is born most what drink first is not mother milk, however vodka

The MiG of cold war period – because 25 battleplan ha新上海贵族宝贝论坛

ve many alcohol antifreeze inside machine, be called flight kitchen to be in by Russia air force period of pussyfoot of 80 time Mikhail Gorbach上海同城对对碰交友社区

ev, they can put antifreeze to come out to drink

American scientist publishs new achievement to say to discover a comet may contain many alcohol material recently, be in active during every second but the liquid that eject contains alcohol 20 tons. This discovers genetic to solving earthly life mystery may have very great se爱上海同城

nse. Small make up feel, the Muscovite that good wine is like a life can like this eject to wear certainly of the comet of alcohol.

The United States ” Washington Post ” will report on October 26, luofuqiaoyi (Lovejoy) comet is m上海龙凤论坛

et actually eject gives alcohol and candy cent. More important is, it brings important clue, the likelihood helps the mystery of origin of life of scientist unlock earth.

Scientist observation discovers, what the eject on Lu上海龙凤论坛

ofuqiaoyi comes out is the alcohol that brew uses, when comet is active, per sec. is ejective the liquid of 20 tons of full of alcohol, be equivalent to 500 pails of wine about.

The microtherm environment on profit from comet, better land withheld Luofuqiaoyi its primitive environment. Pass it, the scientist can peep the appearance of original period universe. Be close to the 上海千花网论坛

sun gradually when Luofuqiaoyi, when temperature is elevatory, the dust that comet surface freezes originally melts to come, lost the action of freezer, and before this all the time the material such as the alcohol that snow hides is able to release, form marvellous spectacle of today’s comet go with wine.

Besides alcohol, still meet on comet ejective cent of a kind of candy, make a scientist excited likewise unceasingly.

Above studies achievement has been written into the paper, in authoritative science magazine ” science ” sororal publication ” scientific progress ” on publish. These observation data come from in January 2015.

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